Welcome to CardingH4LL

We provide cashing out services for the credit cards you purchased on the darknet.

How it works?

You provide us the informations of credit cards that you purchased from a darknet marketplace (example: AlphaBay), and we'll cash them out for you.

What's the price?

The price to cash out a card is 110$. We prefer a fixed amount instead of a % amount because every cashing out action would be traceable.

How do you cash out?

We cash out cards using some sites that sell bitcoin to us using credit card numbers.

Where will the cashed out money go?

Really simple, we'll send the cashed out money to your BTC wallet.

Which methods do you use?

VPNs, fraudfox, virtual machines, a lot of socks5 proxies (high quality ones, not purchased on vip72)

Can i cash out using my own computer?

Yes you can. But, do you prefer getting arrested or pay 110$ to be safe? Choice is yours ;).

We think you should use our cashing out service, so you can't be suspected.



Team of hackers from a little country in the world.
We don't like talking too much about us.